The Boat Brokerage difference

“With experience selling all manner of power and sailing boats since 2004, currently we have zeroed in to focus specifically on the Day Boat market.”

We love day boating and see a real opportunity for more Australians to get into boating or upgrade their current experience through buying a day boat. As your broker this means we will only be dealing with similar vessels to yours and you benefit from the many cross marketing opportunities that are created by being focused on this one sector.

“We have always enjoyed filming and testing the boats we sell.”

This passion has turned into the new way of business for us with many of our listings enjoying thousands of detailed views per month via our YouTube Channel. By promoting your boat on YouTube and sharing these videos widely it has enabled us to reach more buyers and benefit from a more highly qualified buyer when they make their enquiry.

“Social Media has always been a big part of what we do.”

We continue to use all the major platforms extensively but with a specific focus on driving buyers towards our YouTube presentations and then to our website.

“With a presence in the boat sales industry going back to 2004 we have a wide network of buyers with whom we communicate to via our newsletters.”

Newsletter marketing remains one of the highest customer engagements tools of all our marketing resources.

“Today most buyers are conditioned to want everything immediately.”

This is why since 2016 our website has enabled buyers to directly access inventories, service records, past surveys and more details without having to contact us and wait for the info. Often, buyers will watch the YouTube videos on your boat and arrive on our website qualified and begin downloading detailed information.

“We have a heavy presence in all the major boat sales websites including Boat Sales, Boats Online, YachtHub and more!”

We also target ads through Social Media platforms to the relevant demographic and promote on Google with the goal of driving buyers to your boat.

“In 2020 the borders started closing and the buyers stopped visiting the marinas.”

We quickly saw a huge growth in our online business and had the busiest year for boat sales on record. This shift has motivated us to move from our waterfront office to 100% online and mobile. More than 50% of our sales are now to buyers who have never met us or seen the boat they are buying. This both saves you money on berthing at expensive locations and also facilitates an easier sales process.